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Women in Athens Music Push Back on Industry-level Inequality

  Women in Athens local music say they are not exempt from the sexism that permeates the music industry on a national level, however, the rich community built amongst these women involved in local music provides a unique and collaborative support system. “There are a lot of male musicians here, and a lot of them tend to be bands,” said Sarah Zuñiga, a self-described “indie-folk” artist who performs primarily as a solo act. At times, this plethora of male artists can work to her advantage, she said, as local venues…

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Athens Community Feeds the Hungry for Holidays

Hunger Strikes During the Holiday Season  During the holiday season, The Athens Area Emergency Food Bank (AAEFB) and The Northeast Emergency Food Bank begin to see an increase in numbers of families needing help to provide food for their table. On Thanksgiving morning, Kim Ramos and the workers at the AAEFB walked up to a line already formed outside of their facility with people waiting for a Thanksgiving meal to put on their table. “They are people just like us,” Ramos said. “They want to be able to have some normalcy in…

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Athens’ Homeless Rates Drop, But Root Causes Remain

The Reality of Homeless Rates Despite the collaborative shelter and service relief efforts, Athens, Georgia has just 17 fewer homeless in 2016 due to the difficulty in addressing homelessness’s root causes. According the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) 2016 Homelessness Point in Time Count (PIT) conducted for Athens-Clarke County, the total number of homeless individuals dropped from 247 persons in 2014 to 225 persons in January 2016. Clarke County sits among 11 other counties reporting the highest numbers of homelessness in the state. The Georgia Department of…

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