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UGA Experts Claim Experiential Marketing Creates More Demand

ATHENS, Ga. – University of Georgia marketing experts stress that unique social media tactics from music artists can earn them higher rankings. In August 2017, music artist Taylor Swift blacked out all of her social media and posted unexplained videos of snakes to her Instagram. This was to build anticipation for her new album which is set to come out in November 2017. President of UGA’s American Marketing Association, Sabrina Hand, described this tactic as “Experiential Marketing,” a method that engages the audience to participate and connect with the artist. “This…

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Women in Athens Music Push Back on Industry-level Inequality

  Women in Athens local music say they are not exempt from the sexism that permeates the music industry on a national level, however, the rich community built amongst these women involved in local music provides a unique and collaborative support system. “There are a lot of male musicians here, and a lot of them tend to be bands,” said Sarah Zuñiga, a self-described “indie-folk” artist who performs primarily as a solo act. At times, this plethora of male artists can work to her advantage, she said, as local venues…

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