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UGA Olympic Swimmers Believe Balance is Key

Athens, Georgia – University of Georgia (UGA) Olympic gold medalists agreed that a structured swimming schedule and disciplined academic routine are imperative to success in both areas. UGA was represented by 28 current, former and soon-to-be athletes, associated with the University, to the 31st Olympic games held in August 2016, in Rio de Janeiro. Out of the 13 swimmers from UGA present at the games, nine brought home medals, four of which were gold. Jay Litherland, finalist in the 400 individual medley, and Gunnar Bentz, gold medalist in the 4×100…

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The Surprising Costs of Raising a Special Needs Child

Athens, Georgia – On average it takes about $250,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18, but it costs ten times that to raise a special needs child, at an average of $2.5 million, according to research done by Extra Special People, a local non-profit that works with special needs children. Common costs that special needs children require are frequent doctors visits, numerous therapy sessions, constant watch and expensive medical equipment according to Extra Special People staff members that work with these families on a daily basis. For…

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Is Purple the New Peach?

  Athens, Georgia – Although election polls predicted a deadlock race in Georgia in 2016, Republican nominee, Donald Trump, won the state 51-45, but political experts still agree the peach state is on a path toward purple. Georgia has not “gone blue” since Southern Democrat, Bill Clinton, took office back in 1992, making 2016 polls rare and enticing. But Ryan Williamson, a PhD candidate studying elections, warns to take election polls with a grain of salt. “Polling is really finicky,” Williamson admitted. “Polling is exciting, but at the same time I think it…

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Special education in Georgia making headway using technology

Athens, Georgia – Newly introduced digital technology has paved the way for educators to communicate and teach special need students in ways that were never possible before, according to teachers in the special education system in Georgia. Alex Mcwhorter, a special education teacher at Kennedy Elementary in Barrow County, led a campaign last year to fundraise money for two in-class iPads for 13 special needs students in her K-2 class. She utilizes devices such as iPads and Promethean boards in the classroom to engage her students more effectively and tailor learning to…

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Property Crime Rates Continue to Fall in Athens

Burglary in Athens Athens, Georgia – Athens Clarke-County saw a decrease in property crimes from 1,580 during the summer of 2015 to 1,402 in 2016, one of the lowest recordings over the past decade. A property crime is any crime involving the taking of property without the threat of force. The annual property crime rate in Athens is approximately 3,792 property crimes committed each year. According to Detective Jody Thompson, a member of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Athens-Clarke County police, there has been a downward trend in burglaries in Athens over the past 10…

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UGA’s Price Tag Doesn’t Deter Students

  Student’s Value of their Experience Athens, Georgia – University of Georgia (UGA) is one of the most expensive universities in the state, and students say they don’t mind paying the high price tag because they consider that benefits like education and opportunities outweigh costs. According to the UGA official admissions webpage, in the 2016-2017 school year, an in-state UGA student (or their parents/guardian) paid a grand total of $11,634 in tuition and fees to be able to attend the state of Georgia flagship university. UGA transfer student Krishna Khatri spent…

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