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UGA Experts Claim Experiential Marketing Creates More Demand

ATHENS, Ga. – University of Georgia marketing experts stress that unique social media tactics from music artists can earn them higher rankings. In August 2017, music artist Taylor Swift blacked out all of her social media and posted unexplained videos of snakes to her Instagram. This was to build anticipation for her new album which is set to come out in November 2017. President of UGA’s American Marketing Association, Sabrina Hand, described this tactic as “Experiential Marketing,” a method that engages the audience to participate and connect with the artist. “This…

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UGA: Higher Crime Rate than Other Georgia Universities

  ATHENS, GEORGIA- The University of Georgia’s violent crime rate is more than double than that of Georgia Institute of Technology. According to 2014 FBI crime statistics, the rate of violent crime at UGA is roughly 21.7 per 10,000 students, whereas at Georgia Institute of Technology, it is roughly 9.3 per 10,000 students. At Kennesaw State University, the rate of violent crime is approximately 4.9 per 10,000 students. Adrian Salazar, a worker at the East Campus Deck at UGA, states that this might be because of the lack of cameras inside parking…

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Seventeen Cases of Dating Violence Reported at UGA in 2016

  ATHENS, GEORGIA – According to the University of Georgia’s annual Safe and Secure report there were seventeen reported cases of abusive relationships from university members in 2016. Ashley Dykes, a former text-line manager at Project Safe, a nonprofit organization aimed at working to end unhealthy relationships, said dating violence is a phrase used to explain the physical or emotional abusive that can arise out of the untraditional styles of modern dating. “Teenagers and younger kids use different words now with ‘hooking up,’ ‘talking to,’ [and] ‘going out with,’ so…

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Georgia Menstrual Product Non-Profits Aid Trans and Non-Binary Visibility

  ATHENS, GEORGIA – Two Georgia non-profits that collect menstrual products for local homeless populations have implemented inclusivity memorandums for beneficiaries of their menstrual product drives. The Peach Coven, an Atlanta based non-profit, and (fem)me, a non-profit formed in 2015 by four University of Georgia students, organize drives and donate the products to homeless shelters and service centers in Atlanta and Athens respectively. Sarah Belle Miles, founder of The Peach Coven, said that inclusivity has been a big focus for the organization since it was founded in 2016. “That has…

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Athens Freemasons Claim to Focus Mostly on Fundraising  

ATHENS, GEORGIA — Officers of the Athens Freemasons, an ancient brotherhood mostly known for their secrets and rituals, claim they are mainly focused on fundraising for their children’s home.    Michael Law, the “Worshipful Master” of the Athens Freemason lodge, explained the group primarily focuses on fundraisers for the Masonic Home of Georgia. According to Law, they do this by hosting 5Ks and other events to raise money.    “At the end of the day, all the mystery, the ceremony and ritual, are all kind of a minor part of what we do because the bigger part is that we are a standard non-profit organization,” Law said.   According to…

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Community Education 

Elementary School Boy Finds Leadership Through Athens Mentor Program

ATHENS, GEORGIA. – Quienteze, a first grader at Barrow Elementary School, polished his manners and respect after a year of involvement in the Clarke County Mentor Program (CCMP). Before Quienteze entered the program, he struggled with following directions according to Caryn Demarest, his physical education teacher. Greg Waddell, Quienteze’s mentor, said his mentee has really grown into a vibrant young boy. For the protection of the child, the program has chosen to omit the last name of Quienteze.  “I know that he looks forward to his mentor being there. We have…

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Athens Vinyl Sales Significantly Increase In Past Decade

Athens, GA –  In the last decade, there has been a 37 percent increase in vinyl record sales, according to Athens music industry professionals. Nate Mitchell, manager of Wuxtry Records in downtown Athens, explained that he has noticed the resurgence of vinyl sales at his store during the past ten years. Mitchell pointed out that, in 2006, vinyl sales only made up 33 percent of his total store sales, whereas CDs were about 66 percent. Now, vinyl sales account for nearly 70 percent of total store sales at Wuxtry.  …

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UGA Student Creates Art Club Benefitting Athens Homeless Community

Athens, Georgia – A University of Georgia student, Tanner Woodson, founded Art for Athens, an official student club, which provides Athens homeless people with free art supplies and lessons. Art for Athens strives to connect with homeless people within Athens-Clarke county. Below is a video about the homelessness in Athens, Georgia.  Woodson, Art for Athens president, started the club in September 2016 to provide a creative outlet for homeless people. Art for Athens classes are held at First Baptist Church in downtown Athens. During the classes, homeless participants are provided…

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Kratom: Cure-all Herb or Gateway Drug?

Kratom, an herb legal in Georgia that is used to treat chronic pain, is facing strong support from local advocates and heavy opposition from treatment facilities. Justin Wilson, a 27-year-old kratom advocate and member of the American Kratom Association, has been taking kratom twice a day since his surgery from an assault in 2013, which caused 50 fractures to his face. For him, kratom is more efficient than prescription medication. Wilson claims that kratom was a key factor in not only helping him in recovering from surgery, but also in overcoming…

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Women in Athens Music Push Back on Industry-level Inequality

  Women in Athens local music say they are not exempt from the sexism that permeates the music industry on a national level, however, the rich community built amongst these women involved in local music provides a unique and collaborative support system. “There are a lot of male musicians here, and a lot of them tend to be bands,” said Sarah Zuñiga, a self-described “indie-folk” artist who performs primarily as a solo act. At times, this plethora of male artists can work to her advantage, she said, as local venues…

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